The logo is the most important part of company branding. It appears seemingly simple, but will define recognition of your business forever. A well thought out and designed logo is the cornerstone of your business identity. 

Stadia Logo Creation_1 sketches and doodles

Sketches and Doodles

The creative process for logos starts just as it does for everything. Sketching out ideas.

The client had a new product line that needed its own name and logo. After learning about the product and the things that make it important, and taking in the client’s ideas, I started sketching.

and doodling

and sketching some more.

Sketch Presentation

The best ideas are cleaned up and presented. This is the point when one (sometimes two) ideas are selected for further development.

Stadia Logo Creation_2 final sketches

Stadia Logo Creation_3 typeface study

Typface Study

A logotype will then need further research in creating the font. A study of typefaces that are similar to the style that is sketched jump-starts the process.

Font Creation

The font is then created from the drawing and reference typefaces in Illustrator. Great care is taken to ensure the anatomy of the letters maintains legibility.

Stadia Logo Creation_4 font creation

Stadia Logo Creation_5 final font selection

Final Font Selection

The fonts that are created are then shown to the stakeholders for final review. Any adjustments are made at this time.

Finalize the Graphics

The graphics are adjusted as needed after the font has been finalized. The original graphic presented was too light-weight when placed next to the font. Adjustments were made to make it more substantial.

Stadia Logo Creation_6 finalize graphic

Stadia Logo Creation_7 print study

Print Study

After the font and graphics have been completed, it is important to do a print study before finalizing the assets. Starting at half an inch in width, the graphic is sized incrementally on a single page and printed at 100%. This will show how well the logo will stand up at the smallest size in a single color.

Final Output

The logo is then created with the color(s) designated by the brand/stakeholder. In this case it was a single color used for the lighting category used by the client. After the color and black versions are complete, the files are finalized and created in the sizes needed.

Stadia Logo Creation_8 final output

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